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Choosing a payment gateway (or payment service provider) can be difficult, considering the sheer variety of choice in the market. UniFlo services page is your insight into the possibilities your company can adopt right now  to help you ensure you get the right payment gateway for you

shopping client

Follow transactions from inception to collection. Look at your business data so you can gain valuable insights. Monitor how every product is performing as you grow. UniFlo is unique in that our platform is offered to merchants in high risk and low risk industries.

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ecommerce (4) client

You’re running an eCommerce business. But it takes more than great products to stay ahead of the competition. It takes a complete solution to help you grow while keeping your costs down. Full Suite is about finding the right mix of tools for your business. Put together, they create the most adaptable and affordable package of sophisticated shopping cart solutions available today.

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teamwork client

UniFlo gives you more flexibility in the pricing you offer to your network of clients, the highest revenue splits you can attain, and the most functionality baked into our API. Our API is designed for extremely rapid integration reducing your cost and time to market.

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risky-content client
High Risk

A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for merchants that are classified in a high risk category. Businesses operating in these industries require custom solutions in order to obtain online credit card processing. Our team of experts considers your business type, business model, and restricted service or product types. We understand your needs and share essential high risk solutions.

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api client

The UniFlo API is designed and organized around REST. It is constructed using predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, and authentication.

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cannabis-oil client

Finding a CBD merchant solution that keeps your business running smoothly is critical for your online store. UniFlo knows how frustrating it can be to find high-risk merchant accounts in the CBD industry. Moreover, getting payment processing on your website might seem daunting for even the most experienced CBD merchants. If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help.

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